The Business of Online Scratch card Games

Online scratch card games are big business, with sales of about 120 million cards per month for one of the largest online scratchcard developers. Online scratch card games took a bit longer to catch on than other online lottery types, but once they did start getting spread they caught on fast.

One reason that online scratchcard games are quite profitable is due to the fact that development costs are so low. Graphical and game play requirements are straightforward, so time can be spent developing other aspects of the game or gaming platform, such as user friendly features and world class security. The games are not bandwidth or server intensive either, allowing sites to offer a large variety of games without any compromise in service and playability for people who use dialup connections.

According to EGR Magazine, a leading publication for online gaming, the latest trend in online scratch card games is game localization. The scratch card games are being adapted to specific locations, with localized dialects to make each region its own specialized game. The localization increases game enjoyment, since the players are not attempting to translate from different dialects or languages and the themes are all instantly recognizable.

Tristar International is one company providing localized games, specifically for the Brazilian market. The company used the NeoGames online scratch card base and localized 75 of the games for its target market. PhiWeb has entered a similar partnership with Microgaming, for the Filipino market. Another specialized market for scratchcard games are partnerships with publications. According to EGR Magazine, the Mirror Group, who runs the Daily Mirror in Britain,  partnered up with NeoGames for a specialty scratch card website for the tabloid's readers. This managed solution provides a low-maintenance income source for the newspaper, as well as a way for its readers to come back multiple times during the day to explode its site. NeoGames has a similar deal in place with OK! Magazine.

The next expected trend in the online scratch card market is a jump to mobile gaming. Scratchcards are uniquely suited for touchscreen phones and devices, with true to life gameplay that isn't possible on non-touchscreen enabled devices. Although online scratchcards have not entered the smartphone arena yet, Bwin launched a highly successful mobile poker application on the Iphone platform. This real-money game drove a wave of development from competitors, mostly in the sportsbook and bingo niches. It's only a matter of time before scratchcard games make the jump to mobile.