Finding New Games Is Almost As Much Fun As Playing Them

I've never really thought of myself as a lucky person, but I still tried my hand at scratchcards, lotteries and anything else that could help me get out of my work rut. I got tired of waiting around in the queue forever for my scratchcards, especially when the blokes ahead of me would win and I wouldn't get a pound.

Once I started up with the online games my luck really turned around. I like getting into a few different kind of scratchcards instead of sticking with the same ones that I always played over and over. Changing between a few different cards, with some interesting twists to the rules really kept me far more interested in playing because the gameplay is so much more varied than going through a stack of identical physical scratch cards.

For me it's more about the fun than the money, but it definitely seems like I'm winning a lot more than I'm losing overall, and I'm never going to complain about coming out ahead in this game. There's nothing quite like a relaxing night where I can just sit there with my wine, my favorite show on the telly, and my scratch games online!

My standby scratchcards are usually just your match three types. I'll go to a few of the more unusual virtual games for variety, but there's plenty of match threes that I can keep myself busy with and it seems like there' always a new batch being reviewed for me by the folks at I'll keep on coming back as long as they can keep the Euros coming and I love being one of the people who found these exciting new games first!