Free Beer For A Year With Scratch Card Wins

I read a book a few months back and one of the things it talked about was the power of mental projection. In layman terms, if you want to win a prize you need to visualize it in your mind and get it as clear as possible so you can use your will to bend it into reality. It seemed like a bunch of balderdash when I read it but I figured why not give it a try.

Sitting on my favorite stool at my local pub, I ordered a beer and it came to me, what if I could win enough to buy free beer for the rest of the year. Just like the book said, that's a much more concrete thing to focus on than just thinking I hope I win 'something.'

I asked the manager how much beer for a year would cost. I picked out my favorite brand, learned as many details about it as I could and when I signed on to my favorite scratch card sites I focused my mind on the specific prize I wanted to win.

Next thing that happened is I went on the best win streak of my life. I played a few of my favorite games and won 7 or 12, then I tried one of the newest games they offered (following advice from the pro guides) and won another 8 of 10! Over the total stretch of games I played I went 97 out of 121 before I was done including plenty of bonus scores and instant win increased payouts as well.

The part that shocked me most of all, is the amount I own worked out to almost exactly the amount the pub manager told me I needed. When I saw that I stopped playing and ended my session right away. Normally I might have kept playing until my luck ran out and I gave it all back so in that way I can say it definitely helped to have a specific prize in mind before my gaming began. Now, every time I go to the pub I have a great time and when I get up to head home I tell the manager to keep the bill with wink and a smile. It's so nice to be a winner!