Scratch Card Games

The best scratch card gaming sites have a large assortment of instant win games available for players. Scratch card games vary by theme, by winning percentage and the size of the prize pool as well as the size of the grand prize jackpot. goes beyond any other scratch card review site by delving deeper than the site reviews themselves to reveal important details about each gaming proposition offered so that pro players and beginners can select the gaming option that fits your play style best!

Latest Scratch Games

Fantastic Four

Play Fantastic Four Scratch

The Mummy

Play The Mummy Scratch


Play Rocky Scrtach.


Play The Hulk Scratch


Play Blade Scratch.


Play Elektra Scratch


Play Thor Scratch

A night out

Play A Night Out Scratch

Lotto Madness

Play Lotto Madness Scratch

Dolphin Cash Scratch

Play Dolphin Cash Scratch

Irish Luck

Play Irish Luck Scratch

Top Trumps Celebs

Get down with the biggest celebrities in show business with Top Trumps Celebs Scratch, the scratch card version of Playtech’s popular slot game which elevates your star status in an instant.


Feel the full force of the most famous ape of all with Kong, the online scratch game based on the hit 2005
movie directed by Peter Jackson.

Iron Man 2

The action is back again with Iron Man 2, the thrilling scratch game based on the hit movie starring Robert
Downey Jr.

Easter Surprise Scratch

Enjoy the fun of the springtime all year round with the Easter Surprise scratch game.

Winners Club

Enter the exclusive Winners Club for an opportunity to hit the big jackpot with the Platinum jackpot.

3 Clowns

Visiting the circus has never been quite this much fun! With 3 Clowns you’ll enter the big tent and get the possibility of winning up to £20,000 on a single jackpot!


The hardest part of playing real casino roulette is deciding which numbers and colors to choose. Black or Red? 26 or 31? So many decisions to make before the wheel starts to spin. What if there was a better way to play right from home with all the excitement of real Roulette and the convenience of Scratch Card gaming? That's exactly what Roulette Scratch Card is all about!

Classic Slots

If you are unable to get to your favorite casino, maybe the air fare is too expensive or you can’t deal with the traffic, try this scratch off that makes you feel like you’re really there.
To make it even more fun, maybe you will be a lucky £100k jackpot winner.


Blackjack Scratch from the William Hill gives you all the excitement and entertainment of real casino blackjack in a faster more fun scratch card format.


This game gets right into it. Make your bets and claim your prizes. That's just what we like, and that's just what ICE delivers. Which is why we can't recommend this game enough. If you haven't checked it out, try it out today and claim your cold, hard cash!


To be certain, this slot game will quickly get your heart rate pumping, and the money flowing. Because it's so new, there's plenty of cash for the taking. Jump on this today before Kong escapes again!


Cubis is a fine addition to some of our favorite scratch card games. It's easy to play, fun to win, and exciting to watch. If you like fast action, then check it out today!

3 Card Poker

If you like cards, you'll absolutely love 3 Card Poker. Try it today and see for yourself.

Fruity Friends

With its simplicity yet powerful money making potential, combined with the entertaining graphics and colors, Fruity Friends is an absolute must. If you'd like to have some fun while winning some real cash, then give this game a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Numero Uno

The great fun scratch card Numero Uno is a fantastic new online scratch card. This amazing game gives players the chance to find as many number 1’s as they can on a virtual scratch card that has 24 squares on it. Players get the chance to reveal what is behind 15 of those squares and each hidden number 1 they reveal means more money at the end of it. There is a cheeky extra too, there are treasure chest symbols also on the card and exposing one of them makes for even bigger cash prizes!


Quick Play is the fun game that attracts players of all kinds with all size bankroll. This is a game that immediately draws the attention of players with the impressive style and massive payouts on offer. This great fun new lotto game will have players getting in on the action time and again to win the big bucks and have great fun doing it.


Spiderman has returned in the brand new game Spiderman Revelations! This great game will see players having great fun whilst winning the big bucks. This online slot boasts the very best in jackpots, graphics and all around entertainment. For fans of Spiderman and for those who just love the fun that’s to be had from playing a great slot this is the game to play!

The Hulk

The Hulk has proven to be one of the most successful franchises that has ever been converted into an online slot format. Now players can get in on the action by playing the long awaited Cryptologic version of the game. Fans of online slots have been waiting for the Cryptologic version of the big, green superhero for months and they won’t be disappointed by what they find when the game is released on the 16th of April. As we have been granted a sneak peek we can tell you all about it now.


The Bold and the Beautiful is a brand new instant win game from the masters of the genre, Neogames. When Neogames set their minds towards putting out an incredible instant game they always get the job done right and The Bold and the Beautiful is no exception! There is a massive top jackpot of £200,000 to be won by players who hit the jackpot and the action is always ongoing in a game that players will love to play over and over again.

Snakes and Ladders

The classic board game Snakes and Ladders has now been made into an incredibly exciting online board game with loads of cash on offer for players who get in on the action. This brand new game represents a very impressive way for players to have great fun and get in on the action. All you have to do is roll the dice and find the best path to the cash.

7 Boom

The amazing game 7 Boom is out now for players to win loads of quick cash playing. This easy to play game is actually 2 games in 1 and can be played 7 times simultaneously meaning that players can win a spectacular amount of cash by playing. The game is similar to 7th Heaven but with even more money to be won and more fun to be had. There are up to a massive €200,000 available for players who win the top prizes in this hugely exciting, brand new game!


The Sampo could change your life. So take hold of this ancient, magical artifact and it might lead you to luck, fortune and happiness.


NeoGames has released a brand new version of Keno especially for online scratch fans. Featuring quality graphics and impressive gameplay, this is on opportunity to win you just don’t want to miss.


This 9-line slot is a winter delight will put a smile on your face happy during the cold months.

Its Christmas time and that means one thing – it's time to get some lovely gifts around the Christmas tree. But don’t worry if Christmas hasn’t come yet, or even if it’s just passed. Because with Christmas Joy you can celebrate with great presents around the tree every day. This is a NeoGames gem which will get you in the seasonal spirit with its warm graphics and top quality prizes. So settle down, rub off the pairs of decorations and see if you’ve won a cash prize.


Follow Alfredo into his Italian kitchen and find super prizes in his ovens.

Black Jack Solo lets you go alone in the pursuit of Black Jack greatness.

A video poker game with a difference, with Joker Poker you can play up to 25 hands all at the same time.

Now that you’ve found the Island, its time to discover the treasure!  Treasure island is a new fantasy scratch card game from Betssons and it will make you feel like you’ve just been stranded on an island with nothing to do but look for treasure.  Complete with nature sounds of birds, crickets and all sorts of tropical island life Treasure Island puts you right in the middle of the action.

Poker Dice

The online casino community has been buzzing about the recent release of Poker Dice one of the classic games. Based on the simple rules of poker but stimulated by the lightning fast action of dice, this game is sure to keep your interest.

Red Hot Chili Chips

There's a new game that has burst on the scene. It's turning heads and giving people whiplash. This game is hotter than hot and is causing quite a stir in the online gaming world. Read our Red Hot Chili Chips review to get started

As the nights become colder and the winter draws in it's time to enter the Magical Forest and uncover some top cash prizes in the mysterious world of witches and fairies

They say nothing beats the luck of the Irish, so if there’s one green-themed scratch card that’s worth giving a go its Lucky Shamrock.

If you believe variety is the spice of life, 10p Scratchies is the way to go. You’ll have a choice of 10 fun games to play, all of which give you the chance to win big money every time you scratch off the card.

Knife Thrower is just what it sounds like – a game of chance that has you throwing knifes at balloons, while a pretty circus girl is getting rotated around the wheel as you throw. This game needs both chance and skill for you to pull it off, as you get winnings based on how many balloons you manage to pop.

The Temple of Loot is a fun riff on the Indiana Jones' series, with a theme that has you feeling like you are exploring the ancient temples of a lost civilization. Temple of Loot is a scratchcard game that uses match three gameplay and plenty of ancient symbols to get you to a big win.


Risk It Progressive is a progressive style game that has you selecting cards and then attempting to match your selections with a single card from a 52 card deck. The progressive part of the name comes from the fact that you can get bonuses the longer you go, and your winnings keep on accumulating until you cash out.

Tank Commander sounds more like a video game than a game that you would find in an online casino. This is a scratch card style game, but instead of a match three scratchcard you are dealing with a battlefield that you have to fire rounds at. You get 10 rounds on a 100 panel board. You only need to find one symbol in order to win your prize.

Route to Riches is a world traveling adventure that brings you excitement and an instant win scratchcard so you'll get entertainment along with your scratch-off fix for the day. Two game modes allow you to choose whether you want to play for fun or play for real.

Scratch the Derby brings you to the horse races, but you aren't going to be going down to the track today. Instead you can experience it through this instant online scratch card game that lets you win up to 100x your stake, so the more you risk the more you can win.

Viz Scratchcard combines humor with scratch cards to make a game that's as entertaining as it is profitable. The Viz characters are featured from a British humor magazine, so you may recognize them as you play along which definitely adds to the excitement

The X Factor sounds mysterious, but it's a trendy music themed scratch-card game that can get you up to 750 times your bet, making it a remarkably good game to try and win. The game board has a simple but eye-catching design, and the scratch card style game play requires you to match three symbols to win.

The Big Match transforms your football game love into a scratch-off card. You get instant online winnings if you can match three symbols on the card. The maximum amount you can win is 5,000 Euros, which will serve you well if you go to check out a real football game.

Formula Won is an instant win scratchcard game that has a cute name and a Formula One theme. If you want to combine a great way to win 200x your stake and your love of racing, there could be no better scratch-off game for you.

Family Fortunes is a gameshow themed instant scratchcard game that allows you to win up to 25,000 Euros. You just have to be lucky and match up three symbols on the game board to get the big rewards. There's plenty of symbols available to help you win big, and game play is smooth and easy to pick up.

If you've loved watching Deal or No Deal on television, you're going to love the Deal or No Deal Instant Win game from Ladbrokes. This scratch card game is presented similarly to the familiar Deal or No Deal gameshow where you have to match values in order to win that particular value, and higher amounts of prizes require more matches to be made.

Caddyscratch combines the relaxing pastime of golf with the great rewards of instant win scratchoff cards. This match three scratchcard game uses plenty of golf terminology to keep it fun for those of you occupying yourself while you aren't out on the course.

BlockBusters is a hexagonal scratch card game featuring an audience cheering you on, and a mascot that you can change while you play. You choose a particular spot to reveal the symbol waiting underneath. If you're lucky, you'll match three of them for big rewards, up to 500x of your starting bet.

Blankety Blank has a weird name for a scratchcard game, and a gameshow theme going on with the scratch card symbols. This 9 panel game gives you a chance to get 500 times your starting stake, resulting in a rather significant gain when you win big. Plus it's one of the most colorful scratch games you'll get to see.

Super Streak Bar-X is a well known bar game that's been converted into scratch off form. You start off with a scratch off card, but if you're lucky enough to get three Slot Machines you proceed into a Superstreak round where you keep the slot machine going to win even more.

Scratchball, as you might expect, is a combination of Scratchball and football. You'll feel the excitement of the match as you try to uncover three matching football symbols in order to win the big prize.

If you are a novice scratch card gamer looking to get in on the action with a small investment and a high chance of winning, look no farther than Pluck A Duck from the National Lottery. It provides casual players with one of the best chances of winning and the lowest price per play - making it a great value with lots of ways to win!

Fans of Egyptian lore with enjoy these archaeologically themed instant win game where players sweep hieroglyphic tablets to reveal their lucky numbers. With an instant win jackpot of up to £60,000 the only thing separating you and the Pharaohs Fortune is your chance to match a complete row and max out the pyramid levels!

We've all played Monopoly at one time or another in our lives and are familiar with the board game rules and iconic images, but now thanks to the National Lottery we can get deeper into the game than ever before by becoming 3D pieces ourselves and traveling from Boardwalk to Marvin Gardens, passing GO and collecting money all along our way! This innovative new game is among the first to use a three dimensional point of view and that really sets it apart from some of the other scratch card games available online


What could be more exciting than an afternoon mystery or a late night session of unlocking secrets and unraveling clues? How about doing all of that as part of the most exciting new scratch card game online. It's the popular board-game Cludeo from Hasbro brought online in a new and exciting way by The National Lottery for scratch card fans to enjoy!