Black Jack Solo

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Black Jack Solo lets you go alone in the pursuit of Black Jack greatness.


Scratch fans can now enter the world of card tables with Black Jack
Solo, a game in which you go alone in the pursuit of blackjack
With Black Jack Solo the rules of regular blackjack apply, but there is no chance of anyone else joining the table to distract you. You simply need to keep your eye on the prize and make decisions wisely.
As with all blackjack games, the aim is to beat the dealer by forming a hand of cards which adds up to 21 or as close as possible to it. You will receive two cards face up while the dealer only shows one of his two cards. You then decide whether to hit, stand or double. If you hit you will receive another card and conversely if you stand you will not receive another. Doubling means you double the money if you win and double your losses if you lose.


Some real thought has gone into this NeoGames game, because the graphics are clear and sharp with some clever extra elements built in.
When you first start playing you will join a deep red coloured table But you have the opportunity to change the colour whenever you want.
Each colour changes the atmosphere significantly, such as the deep blue which makes you feel more VIP and the green table which gives off a feeling of daytime in an Atlantic City casino. The buttons are all clear and easy to use so deal the cards and get the game going.


With only your own intuition to rely on, Black Jack solo is an intensive game with plenty of winning opportunities.

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