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Its Christmas time and that means one thing – it's time to get some lovely gifts around the Christmas tree. But don’t worry if Christmas hasn’t come yet, or even if it’s just passed. Because with Christmas Joy you can celebrate with great presents around the tree every day. This is a NeoGames gem which will get you in the seasonal spirit with its warm graphics and top quality prizes. So settle down, rub off the pairs of decorations and see if you’ve won a cash prize.


Playing Christmas Joy is just as you might hope – a fun and happy experience which warms you up. It might be cold outside, but the Christmas Joy fire will spread flames of excitement throughout scratch land. The game is simple to play and full of excellent prizes.

Essentially, all you have to do is decide how many pairs of treed decorations to scratch off at once and then go for it. If the pairs match you’ll win a prize of up to £200! The game allows you to decide how many pairs are on the tree each time, so when you click on scratch all you can scratch off between one and five pairs at once. The more pairs you play at once, the more prizes you can win.

This game has a fixed price per pair, usually £2. The amazing thing is that you can win up to £2,000,000 on each scratch.


They may not be ostentatious, but the graphics conjure up just the right atmosphere to make you feel all Christmasy. The main graphic is the big Christmas tree where the decorations are hung. Alongside it is a roaring fire while under the tree are all the different presents you can win. There are lots of little details which help you feel comfortable, including the snow falling in the window on the left of the screen. And if you look carefully you will even see Santa Claus riding past on his sleight.


With cute graphics and a warm spirit, this is one game which will get you in the mood for seasonal cheer.

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