Family Fortunes

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Family Fortunes is a gameshow themed instant scratchcard game that allows you to win up to 25,000 Euros. You just have to be lucky and match up three symbols on the game board to get the big rewards. There's plenty of symbols available to help you win big, and game play is smooth and easy to pick up.


Family Fortunes offers two different game modes, a free to play and a paid to play. Gameplay is identical with each model, with the exception of whether you get real or virtual currency when you win the game. After a quick loading time, you pick which game mode you want to play, and have a dashing gameshow host who is there to watch you win big.

Before you start to play, you can adjust your wager if you don't like the initial .10 Euro bid. You can pop that up to 10 Euros, which allows you to win up to 25,000 Euros. The “Buy Card” button gives you a scratch card, and you just need to hit that every round to start the game up.

You play Family Fortunes by clicking the stars on the board or choosing “Reveal All.” A symbol is given under each and every star, and if you get three you'll get the associated cash bonus. You break even if you match pound signs, but question marks get you 2x back. If you're even luckier, you might see the families symbol for 5x. You might get several different stars as well. You have to match the stars by color. Orange stars net you 10x, purple are 15x, yellow are 25x and blue are 50x. You get two higher symbols – the big money icon is 100x and the game's logo is 503x. Your winnings are added to your cash pool, shown at the top of the game screen.


Family Fortunes can make you a large fortune, if you're lucky enough to get the higher bonuses. You have a gameshow playing field with a 9 panel scratchcard, and the name of the game is matching three symbols to win.

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