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Get ready to reel in the big bucks with Gone Fishin’ from Betsson online scratch cards.  Gone Fishin’ is a nautical themed scratch card that allows you to win real money by fishing for dollars.  Play begins when you log in and you enter how much you want to wager on your card.  If you wager 1 unit you can with the grand prize of 10,000 units.  Wagering 2 units your grand prize would be 20,000 and so on. The maximum bet is 10 units for a grand prize winning of 100,000 units



Currently Betsson’s allows you to wager with dollars, Euros and pounds. Once you set your wager you are ready to play. The Gone Fishin’ game board consists of three fishermen each in their separate boats. They are afloat in a lake that has a wide variety of fish swimming in it and you will even see an occasional octopus or two! The pleasant sound of waves lapping at the shore will keep your nerves calm as you try your hand at catching the pool winning fish! If you want to see how much your fishing for, you simply scratch off the prize board that sits on a little island in the middle of the game board ocean. Next, you select which fisherman you want to fish with and the game is on! Now you just sit back and wait as he reels in his catch. If your fisherman lands a fish, you win the prize indicated. If he reels up a boot, better luck next time. Trying to time the bite of the passing fish with when your fisherman starts to reel his line in is half the fun of this super fun scratch card offering from Betsson’s.

Gone Fishin’ is a simple and super fun game and the graphics reflect the lighthearted nature of the game perfectly. As you play you are treated to soothing soundtrack complete with lapping waves and an occasional cough or laugh from the anglers. All that was missing was the occasional call from a seagull or two.

As a Betsson game, you know you are in great hands when it comes to protecting your assets and identity. Betssons is currently employing the latest resources in online security. They are VeriSign secured and PCI compliant so you can rest easy that all payments, deposits and withdrawals are thoroughly protected. Betsson’s is also knows to be one of the more generous online scratchcard companies out there when it comes to bonus play.

Right now, they are offering a free 30% of your deposit amount up to 100 units. They accept MasterCard, Visa, Neteller and Click2Pay along with a few other options so depositing funds into your account is super easy and hassle-free. With the 30% bonus if you deposit 100 units for play you will receive 130 units in your bank. What’s not to love about that? So before all the big fish are caught log on and get your game on with Gone Fishin’. Good luck and catch a lunker!


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