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This game gets right into it. Make your bets and claim your prizes. That's just what we like, and that's just what ICE delivers. Which is why we can't recommend this game enough. If you haven't checked it out, try it out today and claim your cold, hard cash!

Game Play

The game is simple. The strategy is straightforward. And the potential winnings are huge. Which do you like, green or blue? Pick your color and get ready to win! After choosing your color, you are presented with two covered areas. Either scratch away the surface with your mouse, or click "scratch all," and see what you've won. All you've got to do is match three like amounts, and the money falls like snowflakes.


One thing we liked about ICE is that it looks exactly like a scratch card. Not only do you have two life like scratch cards, but when you pick up the coin with your mouse, and physically scratch away to see your prize, the scratched "pieces" slowly fall down like snowflakes. The prizes are presented simply enough. After you scratch away the surface, you've simply got to match three like amounts and your good to go.

The sounds are also straightforward and simple. Realistic scratching sounds as well as happy chimes when you win is just what we like to hear. It keeps us interested in winning even more!


Of course, it doesn't stop there. There is a wild element in the form of a snowflake. This, as you would guess, is worth any amount. And with prizes up to £200,000, you can quickly see how getting just one wild card can dramatically improve your chances.


This massive game is presented by none other than NeoGames, the leader on online casino style and scratch games. Because they are so advanced, it loads quick and leaves no footprints. That way, you'll be up and playing in no time, and nobody will know you've been there once you're gone.

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