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A video poker game with a difference, with Joker Poker you can play up to 25 hands all at the same time.


Joker Poker is a new addition to the NeoGames roster which is already gaining a big following. And it's easy to see why - the game is easy to play and always fun to win at. Like with all video poker games, the aim is to create the best hand possible by choosing which of the five cards you are dealt you wish to hold. The twist is that instead of a regular 52-card pack, the game uses a 53-card pack which includes the extra Joker card which is wild. Don't worry, there's no need to work out which card the Joker needs to be in order for you to win. The computer will do it for you so you just need to find the Joker and make the best hand possible.
When you enter the game all you have to do is choose how many hands to play, select the bet level and click on Deal. You then choose the cards to hold and click on Draw to get new ones. The paytable at the top of the screen displays the best winning combinations so you know what you are aiming for.


While the blinking Joker character might add some cheeky fun to the game, there is undoubtedly a serious feel about it. Poker is a game to enjoy but also one to savour. So the deep blue colours and classic card graphics set the tone for a game which you must focus on at every minute if you want to come away winning. That is not to say it isn't enjoyable. But there is a need to heighten your concentration in this game of skill.


With a cheeky Joker and the chance to win thousands in one hand, it may be time to give Joker Poker a go.

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