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Feel the full force of the most famous ape of all with Kong, the online scratch game based on the hit 2005
movie directed by Peter Jackson.



Kong is an easy game to play, and also to win at. And that’s just as well, with up to $1,000 up for grabs each
time you play a scratch card. The aim is to uncover a symbol which matches the prize symbol at the bottom
centre of the screen. The prize symbol can be a Kong logo or a reptile or even one of the main characters such
as scriptwriter Jack Driscoll played by Adrien Brody. It doesn’t matter which prize symbol is featured as long as
you uncover it under one of the squares. The game is full of technological innovations, including the “shuffle”
and “Scratch All” options. If you are not sure about a card you have been given you can simply shuffle and
chose an alternative card. And the “Scratch All” button provides a useful alternative to scratching each panel off


As soon as you open up the Kong scratch game you can’t fail to be impressed with the graphical interface. It
immediately puts you into the feel of the movie itself. And with all the top characters featured, included Jack
Black’s Carl Denham and Naomi Watts’s Ann Darrow fans will be delighted by the way it looks and feels. Every
time you win a small clip is played in the prize window, which gives you a real sense of satisfaction. As with all
good movie-themed scratch games the music goes with the graphics to give a great atmosphere. One of the
clever extra features is the inclusion of a button which links to the Kong slot game, so if you want to experience
the same game but a different version you’re only a click away.


With top prizes on offer and fantastic gameplay, Kong is sure to be a hit among movie fans and non-movie fans
alike. The game is fun and easy to get used to and gives you plenty of opportunity along with an atmosphere to
rival some of the best scratch games out there.

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