Memory Madness

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Memory Madness is a game that combines skill, luck and your memory to win money prizes based upon your total bets placed.  In Memory Madness as play begins you are asked to choose from either 6, 9 or 12 pairs to play.  Next you are asked to set your “pair price”.  This is your bet.  Once your bet is placed, you are ready to start the game.  A large green play button is clearly located at the bottom of the game board.


The play screen looks like a chemist’s lab and you will see a series of playing cards with test tubes printed on them. When you select a card with your mouse, it flips over and reveals to you a symbol and cash amount. Remember what you see and where it is because the object of the game is to match these pairs together and if they have a matching cash amount as well, you win the prize money indicated. The more pairs you play, the greater your chance of winning.

Actual game time depends upon how quickly you are able to match your pairs up, but for all the instant gratification lovers out there, there is a Show All button that reveals all the matching sets with the click of one button. Memory Madness is a super fun game that involves a certain amount of skill. You have to pay close attention to what symbols you reveal and where they are to get your pairs to match up. This is a great game for people that enjoy the challenge of a mind game over a regular scratch card game.


Since Memory Madness is offered through primescratchcards you can expect the utmost professionalism when it comes to security and payouts. The site is fully secured through McAfee’s VeriSign so all the information exchanged over the Internet is encrypted using SSL before transmission. Most major credit cards and debit cards are accepted and there are many fast cash out options as well. Memory Madness is highly recommended for players looking for fun and entertainment in their online gaming pursuits.


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