Numero Uno

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The great fun scratch card Numero Uno is a fantastic new online scratch card. This amazing game gives players the chance to find as many number 1’s as they can on a virtual scratch card that has 24 squares on it. Players get the chance to reveal what is behind 15 of those squares and each hidden number 1 they reveal means more money at the end of it. There is a cheeky extra too, there are treasure chest symbols also on the card and exposing one of them makes for even bigger cash prizes!

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This is a great fun game to play, mainly because of the simplicity involved and the massive amounts of cash on offer to players. Anyone who is used to getting in on the scratch card action will know how to play this scratch already as the format has purposely been kept familiar. Those players new to online scratch cards will have no trouble buying in to this great fun game as the operating system is very intuitive with players just needing to decide on what stake level to play at and then getting in on the action.

Graphics and Effects

The graphics in Numero Uno really make the game stand out, with the cool blue backgrounds and magnificent yellow numbering the creators really put together a colour scheme that works. With sound effects that make Numero Uno a great fun game to play all of the necessary elements for players to enjoy making loads of money are there.


Numero Uno is an online scratch that is well worth playing, with great fun game play and huge cash prizes to be won players will have the time of their lives picking out the ones and the big bucks!

One of the best scratch card games out there. Find the 1's is all that you need to do. The great thing about this game is that you can choose quick play which makes it just like a slot machine. This is one of the easiest but most fun online scratch card games online. The payback is great too. I will not choose another one as Numero Uno is it!

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