Pharaohs Fortune

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Fans of Egyptian lore with enjoy these archaeologically themed instant win game where players sweep hieroglyphic tablets to reveal their lucky numbers. With an instant win jackpot of up to £60,000 the only thing separating you and the Pharaohs Fortune is your chance to match a complete row and max out the pyramid levels!


One of the first things to note about the Pharaohs Fortune instant win scratch card game online is that it is produced and backed by the National Lottery of the UK. That means you can be absolutely sure that every game is ethically managed and the prize payouts are always assured of being sent properly for winning players.

The posted odds of winning are 1 in 2.62, which means on average you will win at least once every three times you play. Obviously with such a frequent winning percentage, some of the wins will be for a smaller amount but for players who prefer games that can be won often rather than rare jackpots with slightly higher amounts paid for each, Pharaohs Fortune is an excellent choice.

The game allows Free Play for casual gamers and scratch card pros alike, so you can see exactly what the game involves before purchasing any live win cards. Get a good feel for the game itself, as one of the newest games launched by the National Lottery it has some of the best graphics of any game available online right now.


The frequent winning percentage, exciting theme and state of the art graphics make Pharaohs Fortune an instant winner with most online scratch card players. However, it's also important to note that almost 28% of National Lottery sales are expected to go to the Good Causes set up for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. So even a card that doesn't win for your own pocket is still a big winner when you consider the big picture!

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