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Quick Play is the fun game that attracts players of all kinds with all size bankroll. This is a game that immediately draws the attention of players with the impressive style and massive payouts on offer. This great fun new lotto game will have players getting in on the action time and again to win the big bucks and have great fun doing it.

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The action is easy to get into with the Quick Play lotto game. Players will have no problems figuring out the rules since they are based on the standard lotto formula. The twist is that players are able to place bets on which numbers will come up next. This great game is not only a lotto game but also a betting game that is worthy of being in any casino in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Each different ball has a colour and players win money by placing side bets on which number and colour ball out of the 36 will be fired next. Every minute a new combination of balls are called out, meaning that players can sign up for a new game every 60 seconds and have the chance of winning an incredible £200,000 every time they play!


This great fun game is all set to take the world of online lotto gaming by storm. The jackpot is massive and the fact that a new game is played every minute means that players can get into the action every minute of the day. Not only can players play a great fun lotto game but they can also take advantage of the side bets to add a whole new element to their online lotto fun. We loved playing and are sure that once players start with Quick Play they are never going to look back!

Quick Play Lotto is THEE best online lotto game available. If you have not yet played then you are missing out. I no longer consider online lottery boring after playing this game. There are so many betting options that you feel like you are in control of the outcome. Mark my word.....this game will soon take over as the number 1 online lottery game around.

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