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The hardest part of playing real casino roulette is deciding which numbers and colors to choose. Black or Red? 26 or 31? So many decisions to make before the wheel starts to spin. What if there was a better way to play right from home with all the excitement of real Roulette and the convenience of Scratch Card gaming? That's exactly what Roulette Scratch Card is all about!



Make your investment of £0.5 to £10 before the wheel starts and then scratch off your bets along with their prizes. You have 5 chances to win in each game and when you scratch off the Roulette wheel you get to see where the lucky marble landed. If it matches any of your bets you win the prize amount listed in the prize column. In just a few moments of play you can win up to £10,000 on a single scratch off card game!

Play Mode

With AutoPlay you can extend the action by pre-setting the wheel for a specific number of spins. Then just push the play button to have each game run automatically in succession as your cash prizes pile up. If you prefer, shuffle the card number to one that feels lucky and play in manual mode where you can scratch off each box by hand. There's many ways to win once you get in to Roulette Scratch Card gaming from William Hill online.


The Swiss online casino also offers dozens of other great scratch card games and when you create your own account you get plenty of special bonuses just for signing up. New members earn £400 as a Welcome Bonus, have access to the biggest Online Jackpots and in some games you can even play with a live Dealer to make the games come alive on your screen. Along with great graphics and fancy sound effects you can be at the top casino tables without having to leave the comforts of your own home!

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