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The Sampo could change your life. So take hold of this ancient, magical artifact and it might lead you to luck, fortune and happiness.


The Sampo is one of the greatest artefacts in Finnish mythology. According to the 19th century Kalevala collection of poetry, Sampo was created by Seppo Llmarnine, known as the Eternal Hammer. It is a non-descript artifact which is known to bring good fortune to whoever holds it.

Game Preview

This new NeoGames gives you the opportunity to take hold of the Sampo, and with it you never know when you will win a big prize which could change your life forever. The game is easy to play but like mythological life, full of wonderful possibilities.

How to play

Sampo is actually two games in one – giving you two chances to win, including the opportunity to multiply your original prize. It is very easy to play. All you have to do is choose one of the Sampo symbols and then scratch off the card it produces.

There are four symbols for you to choose from, each of which has luck at the heart of it. They are: a number seven, a four-leafed clover, a horseshoe and a heart. After choosing the amount you would like to bet you click on the symbol of your choice and then press the green play button. A card then appears with two sections. Scratch off the sections and see what you won.


The mystical music and simple but nicely designed graphics give Sampo a good feel. Interestingly, the realistic coin scratching affect brings a modern atmosphere contrasts with the ancient feel of the Sampo artifact.


With the luck of the Irish mixed in with Finnish mysticism, Sampo has something for everyone and the chance to win big prizes.

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