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Scratchball, as you might expect, is a combination of Scratchball and football. You'll feel the excitement of the match as you try to uncover three matching football symbols in order to win the big prize.


Scratchball is an instant win scratchcard that will have you playing all hours of the night, as it has simple but fun gameplay. You choose whether you're going to go for the free play mode or the paid mode. In pay mode, you use real money and when you win, that's real cash as well.

The up and down arrows adjust your stake, with the total prize being dependent on the stake. The minimum wager is .50 Euros, and you can go up to 1,000 Euros if you're feeling really lucky. The scratchball is a 9 panel card that is covered in soccer balls, and on the right the scorecard keeps track of the symbols that you have uncovered. Gameplay is pretty simple, as you just need to match three of a particular symbol to win. Different symbols are worth different amounts, starting with the stadium at 1x, jerseys at 2x, cleats at 5x, whistles at 10x, footballers at 20x and trophies at 50x. You may adjust the stake before choosing a new card, and if you don't want to click panels individually you can choose Reveal All for faster game play or you can add to the suspense by doing each scratch off on your own!


Scratch Ball has a great football theme and easy to follow gameplay, as well as stakes that cover many different risk levels. You can win up to 50x in this scratchcard game, with all winnings instantly being added to your account.


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