Temple Of Loot

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The Temple of Loot is a fun riff on the Indiana Jones' series, with a theme that has you feeling like you are exploring the ancient temples of a lost civilization. Temple of Loot is a scratchcard game that uses match three gameplay and plenty of ancient symbols to get you to a big win.


The Temple of Loot is offered by 888 Games and uses in-browser technology so you don't have to download anything to get started. The game is scratchcard style and you need to match three symbols in order to get the prize associated with that symbol. The prizes that you get depends on what you set your stake at. If you set your stake at a minimum of .25 Euros, you can win up to 750 Euros. If you bet
10 Euros, you can win 30,000 Euros.

The game board looks like it's carved from an ancient temple, and each of the symbols is a relic or related artifact. You set your stake before each scratchcard game, and click the Play button to make the gameboard live. You can scratch each field individually or use the autoplay functions to make playing each gameboard quicker. If you win, the amount that you win is tallied up and added to your 888 Games account.

The Temple of Loot has a wide range of prizes with the familiar gameplay that you know and love from other scratchcard games. The adventurous feel comes across very well, and you can choose to use free play or real play. Real play uses the money that you deposited into your 888 Games account, while free play uses virtual money that you get when you log in to your account.


The Temple of Loot is an Indiana Jones themed scratchcard game that can win you up to 30,000 Euros total. Both free and paid game modes are available for this game, and the graphics and theme are well represented throughout. You can pick up ancient artifacts underneath each panel, and if you match three you win.


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