The Big Match

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The Big Match transforms your football game love into a scratch-off card. You get instant online winnings if you can match three symbols on the card. The maximum amount you can win is 5,000 Euros, which will serve you well if you go to check out a real football game.


The Big Match might not be the biggest football event around, but it certainly is going to be exciting if you can win the grand prize. You get two different game modes, either demo play, which uses virtual money, or real play which uses real money. You can bet as little as .10 Euros, up to 10 Euros, with a maximum winning amount of 5,000 Euros

The scratchcard has 9 panels, denoted by a football on each. Just click on the panels or choose Reveal All to show the symbols underneath. You need to match three of the symbols to win a prize and have it added to your balance. The different symbols each have a special value, and are all football related. A card is 1x, the flag is 2x, whistles are 5x, boots are 10x, shirts are 15x, pitch is 25x, scoreboard is 50, goal is 100x and if you get a trophy, there's 503x in it for you. When you're a lucky winner, you'll get the full amount of your winnings added to your balance.


The Big Match brings football and scratchcards together, and if you get a trophy match you're going to be getting 503x your original wager. You can also win many other amounts by scratching off the 9 panel scratchcard.


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