Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Scratchcard

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Who Wants to Be A Millionaire is a mighty popular game show, and with this scratch card game it's a rather popular scratch off card set up as well. The reward is one of the largest that you're going to see with a scratchcard game, where you can literally win 1 million Euros if you hit it big


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire gives you two game modes, the real play where you actually can win 1 million Euros, and the demo play which uses virtual money instead of real cash. You can use the demo mode to get the hang of the full game. Your wager can start at .50 Euros, but you need to bet at least 1 Euro to be eligible to get the 1 million Euro prize.

The big money in Who Wants to be a Millionaire comes from the bonus round, but you can win lesser amounts by matching other symbols. To start your game off, you use the plus and minus symbol to change your stake, then click Play Game. You click on each of the 11 scratch zones in turn, or you can click Reveal All in order to get all zones scratched at once. The symbols give you different returns if you match three of them. The lowest is the envelopes, which are 1x your wager. Higher amounts are the people symbol at 2x, 17 symbol at 3x, the Millionaire logo at 5x, Walk Away at 10x, green bars for 20x, the life line symbol at 40x, question marks at 160x, 50:50 at 640x and the pound sound at 2.5k x. If you get three bonus symbols, you open up the bonus round.

The bonus round is quite different from normal game play in the Millionaire game. You have to click “Hit” as the money tree levels highlight. You move up the tree by hitting the button as your level is highlighted, and you need to get to the top in order to win the 1 million Euros.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire translates well into this scratch card version of the game. You get normal scratchcard online bonuses by matching symbols on the 11 panel game board, or if you're super lucky you go into the bonus round for the biggest prize of them all, 1 million Euros.

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