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Enter the exclusive Winners Club for an opportunity to hit the big jackpot with the Platinum jackpot.



The Winners Club is a new concept from Playtech scratch cards – an exclusive club where four levels of games are available. The more you are willing to spend, the higher your potential winning will be. The first level is the classic scratch, which costs just $0.50 a ticket. Next up is the silver scratch which will set you back $1 a ticket, followed by the $2 gold tickets and the top of the range platinum tickets, at $5 each. It may sound a lot for a scratch, but the gold and platinum levels give you a chance of winning massive jackpot prizes. And at the same time, every second card is a winner on average so you’ve got a good chance of winning. To win you just need to scratch off the nine panels and see if you’ve found three matching symbols.


Combining a classic look and feel with an atmosphere of exclusivity, Winners Club doesn’t need to show off flashy graphics. And it is clear that the designers have realized this. The basics are there and the game is all about entering the club and concentrating on the serious issue at hand – playing for real money. This is not for the faint-hearted, but the potential rewards are very large indeed. Each of the tickets is a different colour and each one has the important scratch all functionality built in. The green classic tickets contrast with the more expensive silver and platinum cards, but that’s the price you pay.


Winners Club is a serious game for serious players. But if you can take the pressure you may well reap the rewards.

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