How My Friend Got Me Into Online Scratch Cards

I hadn't really thought much about online games, sometimes I'd pick up a card or two at the store on the way home from work, but that was about it. My friend was all about it though, it is one of her favorite hobbies and she was always talking about the money she was making. I doubt I would have gotten into it if she had said she was hitting jackpots constantly – that's just exaggeration right there. But the numbers that she mentioned were sound, and I certainly wouldn't turn down making a steady income like that from a game in my own free time!

It sounds silly now, but I was almost nervous when I loaded my first online scratch card game. I went to the same site that she suggested, and I even had a list of some of her luckiest games but I really wanted to know more about each game. That's why I was glad I found eventually with so many reviews and tips from pro players. I feel like I have learned so much here that it's only fair if I share some of my winning ways as well. You wouldn't think that some scratchboards are luckier than others, but I can tell you they definitely are depending on the day. When I get on a cold streak, I change games. Some games do better than others, but it changes all the time so finding the hot game of the moment is a big key for my winnings.