Internet Scratch Card Sites Growing Faster Than Ever

"We have been tracking internet trends and looking for meaningful statistical data since all the way back in the Netscape days" said Devon Berkshire of LMP Analytics. "Our private portfolio of investment groups is always looking for fertile new areas to expand into and nothing has caught our attention like the recent spike in popularity of Online Scratch Card gaming."

Long known as a fast-paced and exciting segment of the traditional lottery market, Scratch Cards made their move online as a logical extension from the world of 'static' inactive cards players could scrape with a physical coin to the graphically intense and much more dynamic world of electronic gaming online.

Many of the gaming sites are backed by the same organizations as the offline scratch card officiators and some new well-funded groups have also come online to offer a wide array of play for pay platforms. "With the printed cards it took a lot to get a new game going and there were all kinds of printing costs that reduced the payout amounts to cover expenses" said Daniel K. an industry insider with years of experience who asked to maintain his anonymity. "The online environment allows us to make whole new games with all kinds of exciting themes and special bonuses in a fraction of the time with much lower costs so the payouts can be higher and more frequent which partly explains why there is such wild popularity from all the people winning big these days."

As the popularity of online scratch cards continues to explode so does the interest from major lotteries, casinos and gaming establishments wishing to keep pace with their players. The variety of games grows daily and with so many newcomers getting started online at the same time, there is strong reason for the house to allow frequent winners with large mega jackpots to help build the buzz.

"It's a wonderful time to be an online scratch card contestant these days" said Millie R. of Paris, France. "We play with our friends and try to get the highest score which is a lot of fun as a gaming community but even more exciting is the fact that we know so many winners. When you know the people winning money, you can see that this is a real gaming system with the odds in favor of everyone having some fun!"