Blackburn Pensioner Trusts National Post With £1 Million Winning Ticket

A 77 year old man from Blackburn was living his life on his pension when he finally got his big break and good fortune smiled upon him. He had the winning ticket for EuroMillions top prize of £1 million in his hand and wanted to collect his jackpot right away.

That's when he decided to sign off on the back of the card and send it by postal mail to the Camelot National Lottery operator in a plain envelope! The Daily Mail quotes the winner as saying “I thought that is what you were supposed to do. I saw the address on the back of the ticket and it said winners should contact them so that’s what I did. My family couldn’t believe it when I told them I’d won. When they asked where the ticket was and I told them I’d posted it, they were shocked.” and his family have everything crossed in the hope that the pensioner hasn’t missed out on a million pound win after he sent what he believed to be a winning ticket to Camelot, the National Lottery operator.

There are no guarantees he will ever get his winnings. Once you find out you've won a prize, keep the ticket and contact the agency in authority by telephone or email to arrange for your winnings to be send when your ticket is authenticated. If the winnings are a significant sum of money it is always advisable to submit your winning scratch card or lottery ticket in person. This is another reason why many pro players prefer to enjoy their gaming online, where tickets and winnings are all instantly authenticated within the software itself and you never need to worry about transporting a ticket to an agent when you want to withdraw your funds

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