Czech Student Puts Together A Winning Ticket With Tape

PRAGUEThe winning ticket was worth more than 987,500 Czech Republic koruna and a local student who errantly misread the winning numbers mistakenly tore up his ticket and threw it all away!

When a friend pointed out his error, the student frantically sifted through the trash bin in his kitchen to find each of the pieces of his winning ticket. "Once I had all the pieces I taped it back together and confirmed it was the winner" he said nervously through a translator. Then it was off to contact the The Czech Lottery Agency to explain what happened.

Thankfully the lottery agency was able to confirm the student was the rightful owner of the ticket and traced it back to the location where he purchased it so he was paid in full for his win (an amount equal to more than $52,000.00 US).

"Always check your ticket three times before discarding it" said expert Scratch Card player Sal Eisech. "The first time you may think you read it correctly, but the excitement can confuse your vision. The second time you are probably reading it accurately, but if you read it three times you'll always be sure to keep your winners. After all, good scratch card gaming isn't about how much you think you won or lost, it's about how much you actually collect!"

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