Every Day Someone Gets Rich - You Could Be Next

How would you handle winning a big payout? Would you bask in the glory of knowing you’re a millionaire in secret for a while? Planning how to spend your millions, picking out a new sports car, scouting new homes that everyone thought was out of your reach. Or would you bust down the lottery officials door after ten minutes of scratching off the winning numbers?

Well a couple from Alberta Calgary waited just a few days to claim their $3m prize. The day after the drawing, Ian and Carol Callan of Red Deer won  $3,333,389.70 on their ticket. No matter what the odds are, if lady luck is on your side you can be in it to win it. By matching all six numbers in the  rawing they set their family up for life.

After checking the numbers in the paper the day after the drawing that excitement of a big win took over as each number posted matched the card they held in their hand. Wanting to make sure of their winnings they checked the online posting of numbers and even went to the store where the got the lucky winning ticket.

Everything checked out and a new millionaire couple was created. When asked of their immediate plans for their newfound wealth, Carole and Ian aid they want to help their family and travel somewhere warm

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