Historic Italian Payout Tops 178 Million Euros

The Italian lottery made history recently when a record breaking 178 million Euros was drawn and won in the ever-popular Italian lottery Superenalotto. Italian state television reported that after a nine month wait several winners managed to guess the six winning numbers out of a possible ninety. Several players were apparently playing within the “system”.

The exact number of winners is not yet known but what has been reported is that they bought in 70 quotas of 24 Euros each. In doing the math we figure their collaboration put their spending at 1680 Euros combined. So each of the participants will be receiving a little more than 2.5 million Euros each.

Not bad for a days work! Keep in mind, because the number range is so vast (1-90) and because jackpots roll over, huge payouts are common in the Superenalotto. The largest individual prize ever reported in the history of the Superenalotto prior to this payout was for a total of 148 million Euros.

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