Twenty Five Brand New Millionaires Thanks To Special Millionaire Raffle

For all the naysayers out there you probably don’t play lotto! Regular people become millionaires every day but you have to play to be in the running. Case in point, many players in the UK recently enjoyed a special Millionaire Raffle drawing, which created no fewer than 25 brand new millionaires!

We are talking life-changing money being won. Several winners have already chosen to come forward and collect their prizes while a few of the others are holding out and probably preparing for their new lives ahead as rich folk. Take it from James Campbell and his wife Angela who recently became £1 million richer. He checked his EuroMillions

numbers on Teletext but they hadn’t won a main prize. It wasn’t until he checked the special Millionaire Raffle number online that James realized he was a new millionaire. Not believing his eyes, James gave the ticket to Angela who confirmed the great news. The couple is ecstatic about their winnings and they are already planning to buy a new house and a new car. Angela who currently does not drive will be springing for some lessons with their new winnings.

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