Recommend Makes Big News With Exciting New Games And Mega Lobby

One of the complaints scratch gamers have voiced in recent months is about the seemingly unnecessary extra clicks to go from game to game online. Most online scratch card sites have designed their games to each have their own 'lobby' area which means when you decide to try your luck at something else, you have to basically log out and back in to get started. Now, thanks to the innovative minds at Crazy Scratch that format is quickly changing. A new Mega Lobby allows you to log in once and choose any game or change games from the same simple to use Flash interface. It's one of those small detail changes that makes a very big difference in the entertainment value of your next scratch gaming session.
On a design note the Mega Lobby is much more attractive than the old standard page of game lists but even more importantly it will allow Crazy Scratch to easily integrate many new upcoming game titles as they launch them all in the next few months. Popular games like Legend of Terra can now be played in a much larger higher-definition gaming window and all the newest games added this month including Espresso, Lucky Charms and Adventure Jack are being released with similarly high quality standards as well.
There is no doubt that other scratch card sites will soon follow the lead of the Crazy Scratch Mega Lobby system, but they deserve credit for being the first to bring these important improvements to the online scratchies community and if you want to be among the first to see the new standard of excellence in online scratch, now is the time to head over there and check out these exciting performance upgrades.

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