EuroMillions Lottery Winners Take Home 7 Figure Prize

A rolling stone gathers no moss or so the saying goes and a couple of Millionaire Raffle winners intends on seeing if this is true.  Derek and Sandra Sweets won a £1,000,000 fortune when they entered the EuroMillions lottery. 

At the time Derek was feeling under the weather due to the flu and was all set to have a miserable go of it.  One day he went to open his email and got a notification that his run of luck has turned around in a big way to the tune of £1,000,000. 

Derek had bought his ticket online, a growing trend in lotteries worldwide, and received an email alert that his numbers just might be the winning ones.  Derek immediately logged on and saw that he did in fact win the £1,000,000 fortune.  Derek and his wife had been struggling financially just as many in the UK are due to the poor economy and recession so the win couldn’t have come at a better time. 

The couple has decided to buy themselves a motor home so that they can tour the countryside economically but in grand comfort and style.  This will be their first holiday in more than five years.  Good luck to you Derek and Sandra.  Enjoy your travels!

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