Mr Green gets a facelift - with new games (and a new suit)

Maverick online casino Mr Green has been given a complete facelift, creating a new look and feel while adding a host of brand new games.

Gone are the cartoon-style logos and design, replaced by a slicker and cleaner atmosphere, with the new Mr Green character decked out in a very sharp suit.

A message from Mr Green was published on the site announcing the changes. It read: “We are very happy to invite you to our new site and we hope you will enjoy the new functions, games and design.”

After going offline for three days, Mr Green went live again, “This time in a new suit and with a lot of new features.”

Despite the new design, Mr Green has retained its unique feel, which makes it stand out from its rivals. With the tagline “Play in style, play with Mr Green” the operators say that while ”there is an element of "gambling" in the type of services we offer”, ”we believe that excitement and laughter are equally appealing.”

The casino still promotes its “Green Gaming” option where every player can set a personal limit on the amount of money they want to risk.

But in an illustration of the famous Mr Green attitude, the website asks: ”It’s fun to take a little risk, don’t you think? So you decide how much you’re willing to risk before you start playing.”

Three new slot games are being trumpeted by Mr Green following the facelift – Mamma Mia, Victorious and Frankenstein.
Mamma Mia features the enthusiastic chef character Fantastico while Frankenstein is based on the classic novel and includes two separate Wild symbols meaning you have even more chances of winning big.

And in Victorious you’ll head into the world of the Roman Empire where you will try and defeat Caesar with free spins and wilds helping you along the way.

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