Sampo brings Finnish mythology to scratch

The luck of the Finns takes centre stage in NeoGames’ new game Sampo, which revolves around an ancient myth of an artifact known to bring luck to whoever holds it. A simple, yet exciting game, Sampo is going to take the scratch world by storm.

In the early 19th century a classic collection of mythological poetry was published by Elias Lönnrot, a Finnish language expert. The collection, entitled Kalevala and based on the Finnish and Karelian folklore, told the stories of an ancient people in an ancient land. One of the main characters, Seppo Llamarinen, was told to have create an amazing artifact called a Sampo, which gave the holder untold luck and fortune.

The Sampo forms the basis of NeoGames’ latest venture in the online scratch card market. It is a classic game which bonds the modern with the historic, giving players two chances to win with every card they play. To play Sampo, players just have to choose one of the four lucky symbols and then scratch off the two parts of the scratch card.

A modern myth

There’s no doubt Sampo has the chance to become a modern classic, especially because it combines the modern with the more classical by asking players to use the Sampo and then scratch off a card with a virtual coin.

The Sampo also combines lucky symbols from various cultures – the number seven, a heart, a four leaved clover and a horseshoe. These all show the multiculturalism which is at the heart of NeoGames’ and all the best scratch card games.

Don’t forget there’s money involved as well. So with Sampo players can win big and have a great time at the same time.

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