Cryptologic Acquired By Amaya Gaming And Partnering With NeoGames

Cryptologic is a major gaming company that was based in Ireland but is now being acquired by the Canadian company Amaya Gaming. Stock holders each have until March 28th to accept the offer by Amaya Gaming at price of $2.535 per share. At that price the deal is expected to go through easily according to analysts.

Part of the action fueling interest from Amaya Gaming is a new deal recently announced that will allow digital scratch card gaming giant NeoGames to port over some of the most popular games from Cryptologic for online gaming with licensing fees paid to Cryptologic as remuneration.

Two of the most popular casino-style Cryptologic slot games will be ported first, with another 300 titles in the pipeline for future migation. The NeoGames network, will distribute the games to more than 30 different online casinos, and while payout amounts or minor game mechanics may differ from one provider to the next, all versions of the game will have the signature style that makes Cryptologic games some of the most popular ones created in recent years.

"We are pleased to welcome a company with the reputation and reach of NeoGames to our list of blue-chip licensees" said Ian Price, Group Head of Business Development at Cryptologic. Gamers are equally excited about the excellent new scratch card lottery games that will be coming soon as a direct result of this momentous new deal!

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