We reviewed the NeoGames mobile site technology

The popular Winnings, Karamba, NettiArpa and Hope mobile sites are all now up and running and providing great fun games to their players. There are loads of big money jackpots to be won playing at any of these sites on the impressive NeoGames platform which has some very impressive qualities.


Mobile gaming has just got even better now that the Winnings, Karamba, NettiArpa and Hope mobile sites are up and running. All four sites are using the fantastic NeoGames platform and as such bring a massive amount of amazing games as well as high paying jackpots to their players wherever they may be.


The software is easy to download with players needing only to register on any of the above mobile sites using their phone number and stating their nationality. The great games that those who download the mobile site can play cover the whole range of categories available on the main sites. This means that casino games, scratch cards and slots are available to those who play on these fantastic mobile scratch card sites.

NeoGames is well known for providing high quality software that has excellent graphics and sound effects. The amount of cash that can be won playing through NeoGames is very high and there is a huge choice of games for players to choose from.

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