The Hulk dominates other online slots

The Hulk is coming to life in excellent style in the brand new Cryptologic online slot featuring the big green superhero. The Hulk online slot is all set to become the next big thing with players waiting for the game to be released on the 16th of April so that they can get in on the action. The online slot has been designed around a 25 payline system that offers the big bucks to players who line up 5 Hulk symbols in a row.

The Marvel character has been one of the most successful superheroes ever to appear on the pages of one of their comic books and has spawned one TV series, numerous films and loads of games. When Stan Lee oversaw the Incredible Hulk going becoming one of his heroes there is no way that he could’ve known what a legend he was creating!

The action is flying thick and fast over at Cryptologic who have succeeded in creating what many in the industry believe to be the ultimate online slot. The graphics recreate the hero exactly as he appears in the comics and the game is so much fun to play that it rivals dedicated videogames for excitement but with mighty jackpots for the winners.

Although there are several online slot games featuring the Hulk it is only Cryptologic who have really managed to capture the essence of the character and ensure he continues smashing things up for years to come. We have had a chance to play this great game early and can guarantee that fans are going to absolutely love getting in on the action.

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