Quick Play Redefines Lotto

Occasionally a game comes along that redefines an entire online gaming genre and Quick Play is one of those games. This great game is not only a way for players to get in on the excellent online lotto action but also to bet on what numbers will come up. By doing this the designers have managed to produce an exciting game that pays out not just in the standard lotto way but also gives players the chance to win some truly massive money prizes by making big money side bets.

With a very easy to use user interface and up to £200,000 to be won there is no doubt that this great game is going to be a huge hit amongst the fans. The stake levels vary from micro stakes players all of the way up to the big whales who love to make big time bets so it really is open to everyone.

With a choice of 36 balls, each of them with their own colour, players will have no shortage of great fun bets to make. The amazing graphics and sound effects will make players think that they are playing for money as they simply relax and enjoy the experience. The action is coming soon and it is going to be fast and furious and packed with massive amounts to cash.

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