Mind Blowing Games Released On Blowing Peoples Minds

Two games have been released and have quickly taken the community by storm. The first one, Cubis is a mesmerizing collection of sharp graphics and fast play. 3 Card Poker, on the other hand, takes things in a completely different direction. Many are applauding for coming out with two such diverse forms of entertainment within such close proximity to each other.

The second game can be interpreted as a game of skill, while Cubis is based on pure luck. Don't let this confuse you. Among the many reasons so many people are drawn to Cubis is that it's anything but boring. 3 Card Poker, on the other hand, provides the player with several different ways to win that are anything but random.

Graphics And Software

Of course, these two games are powered by NeoGames, the biggest in the business. One of their trademarks is using cutting edge graphics and sound quality, all in a flash based system that can be played on virtually any device. This allows players to enjoy these two popular games without leaving any kind of footprint.

Another reason why NeoGames is a consistent market leader is their depth of experience. They've consistently been on the cutting edge, and are regularly expanding into more and more countries every month. For example, they've just partnered with Mexico's lottery commission, giving them an extraordinary amount of credibility.


One of the big draws of is the generous bonuses they give to first time players. With hard money matches of up to £200, one wonders how they stay in business. However, the bonuses certainly don't stop here. Both of these hot new games offer not only many ways to win, but many surprising hidden cash prizes as well.


To be certain, these games will invariably attract even more attention to With so many scratch card games available, these two hot games will only add to the excitement. All things considered they seem to be a smash hit.

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