Scratchos Makes Bold Appearance In The Online Scratch Card Arena

Those that are close to the situation say that they've never seen anything like it. It's rivalries like this that bring rock bottom prices and top quality the consumers.

The latest shot was fired with the addition of Scratchos This site is run by Affstars, one of the big up and coming players in the online scratch and games market. Affstars is charging ahead with three major brands., and All three are loaded for bear, according to those in the know, and will do everything they can to take players away from the competition.

The two biggest providers, or software platforms in the online scratch cards world are >PariPlay, and NeoGames. The latest rollout by Affstars is powered by PariPlay, and they're hoping to give systems powered by NeoGames a solid run for their money. With their latest brand release of, PariPlay has left no question that they are serious about taking as much market share as they can.

NeoGames is currently the largest provider of scratch card games. As the originator of online scratch cards, casino games, and instant win games, they've been the leading player for many years. NeoGames is powered by the NeoSphere platform, which allows customers to play quickly and easily on a variety of devices, including many mobile devices.

PariPlay, however, quickly gaining. They've spent years and countless resources to find the best software developers in the business. They have developed a seamless experience for all those who use their software. From software design to complete in-house customer service, their aim is to be a complete, one stop shop for all web owners looking to provide their visitors with top notch games that provide an incredible amount of entertainment.

As this fierce rivalry heats up, one can only wonder what kind of technological advancements can come out. It's generally understood by most economists that fierce rivalries always produce the best and most advanced products for the end user. That's why we'll be keeping an eye on this showdown, to see what amazing things will come out of it.

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