Stunning New Marvel Games Hit 777 Scratch Cards

If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to superhero scratch games online, it’s time to widen your horizons. This month two incredible new Marvel-themed scratchies are set to hit, proving the super level of fun and quality you can have playing at this new and amazing site. Captain America Scratch focuses on the most patriotic of all comic characters, while you can play with him and many more with the outstanding game Avengers Scratch.

Both of the games are made up of brilliant, exciting graphics combined with simple gameplay and numerous opportunities to win. Of course winning is the main aim, and with the scratch games at you won’t fall short in your search for more cash prizes. Avengers Scratch is interesting because of its chance to make up to 500 times your bet. But then once you give Captain America a whirl you will find see that you can win an amazing 5,000 times your bet. Experts have said that this is one of the most impressive jackpot opportunities on any Playtech scratch game, and a main reason that Captain America is expected to have such an impact on

The central attraction to the Avengers and Captain America scratch games is the Marvel theme. Both are based on comics which have recently hit the movie screens, with the Avengers proving to be on the biggest hits of 2012 and Captain America thrilling audiences a year earlier. The Avengers brought together some of the most marketable and fantastic super heroes, including Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Captain America appears in both games and all of the characters come to life in the scratch games, giving players the chance to enter the world of the comic stars.

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