Gambling Loophole Closing For Internet Savvy Singaporeans

When one thinks about exciting gambling destinations, the Las Vegas desert and Monaco's Monte Carlo in the French Riviera come to mind. Straight laced Singapore, however, does not. The small country has a reputation for enacting tight regulations that are designed to help their citizens avoid moral and ethical pitfalls at the expense of unbridled freedom. For this reason, Singapore has traditionally declared gambling venues off limits to its citizens. Modern times and global economic woes now challenge the way Singapore law makers view the hobby.

The Gambling Dilemma: Economic Boost Or Moral Stumbling Block

Gambling is not new to the prosperous Asian country, but the activity is not widespread either. Places that sponsor gambling are few, and their activities are well monitored by the government. However, international gambling establishments look at Singapore as a prime location to set up yet another world-famous gaming hub. Nearly every country in the world including Singapore has experienced the effects of the recent global economic stagnation, and Singapore's leadership feels that it cannot afford to continue to ignore the opportunity to gain revenue from the large-scale gambling operations that want to enter the Singaporean market. As of 2011, the international gambling operators gained entry into Singapore with a few limiting caveats much to the chagrin of many conservatives living there. The limiting caveats discouraged the use of the casinos by Singaporean natives. The gambling companies are not to market to the locals, and natives pay a tax to play at the establishments. Singapore is not the first country to be concerned that widespread gambling would break down the moral fiber of their society, and they can look to these other nations to see if gambling produced a positive or negative effect on the general population.

Reasons For Restricting Online Gambling

While Singapore recently finished grappling with gambling issues related to brick and mortar establishments, they also were forced to deal with online gambling use by its citizens. Since the internet presents a certain level of freedom, technically savvy Singaporeans who want to gamble can do so conveniently. With the introduction of a host of mobile applications, internet gambling became even easier to do. Singaporean officials have a few reasons for seeking to restrict access to online gaming sites. Many believe that it is in their best interest to shield their population from addictive gambling practices that undermine family values. Also, they have made agreements with international gambling operations that have resorts in Singapore, and part of those agreements involve certain restrictions on their operations. The online gambling operations cut into the profits that would be gained by the authorized gambling resorts in Singapore, and no one in Singapore officially benefits from their unauthorized gambling practices. Authorized local gambling establishments at least attract revenue and jobs for Singaporeans.

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