Playtech Selected by Holland Casino

Dutch gambling operator Holland Casino has announced to the press that it has chosen to work with Playtech, the online gaming company for its future online gambling endeavors. It is speculated that online gambling will be legalized in the Netherlands in 2014. These developments have urged Holland Casino, the gambling monopoly within the country, to prepare for online gaming opportunities.

Holland Casino holds legal monopoly over gambling in the Netherlands. The casino operator runs 14 casinos in various locations throughout the country, and the profits earned by the casino are directly deposited into the Dutch Treasury. They opened their first casino in October 1976. Most recently, Holland Casino opened their largest venue, in Amsterdam, in 2008.

Playtech was founded in 1999. They are known for creating high quality online sports betting platforms including their famous iPoker platform, live dealer games, mobile gaming, and some of the world's finest and most reputable online casinos. They employ approximately 2,600 people in 9 different countries around the world.

Playtech will develop a signature online games platform for Holland Casino. They will create and supply software for bingo, roulette, blackjack, poker, and slots, all available to members online. The selection of Playtech as the company for hire came after quite a bit of competition and delegation.

Interim CEO of Holland Casino, Willem-Jan van den Vijssel stated that the famous casino company will be offering their game players a unique experience and gaming environment via their new online casino. He also said that the company looks forward to the new online gambling regulations, especially as Holland Casino has started business with Playtech.

the launch of a regulated gambling market online is expected to occur in The Netherlands by 2015. Lawmakers are expecting the first online gaming proposal to be completed during the first half of 2014. 2015 will hopefully see the first online gambling licenses being awarded. The country already represents the 17th largest gambling market in Europe, according to An estimated 700,000 people in The Netherlands already play games for money online. They alone create annual gambling revenue of between €130 million and €250 million.

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