Nothing Is Sexier Than A Scratch Card Winner

When I watch the media and see the hottest women with a famous footballer or singer I always told myself they were just after the money in his contract. I'm a fair looking guy with some education and a good heart but I never did all that well with women.... until I discovered the easy money I could make with online scratch cards!

Reading the tips and guides to the best internet scratch card play sites online was a pretty easy way to get a good lottery education online. I started putting some of what I learned to use online and the winnings were rolling in until I made one critical error...

Part of being a winner is getting prepared to handle your winnings. Don't let what happened to me happen to you. I was winning thousands a week on average and it was all 'found money' for me because I had a good job already. So I started spending it on lavish parties, taking friends out all the time and meeting women who normally wouldn't give me the time of day.

After a few months my luck started to change and I hit a dry spot. That's why the new girlfriend I thought loved me moved on and the friends I was taking care of began turning on me! I had become just like those famous footballers, dating women who would only be around as loon as the jackpots kept rolling in. When I figured it out, I had already spent months of my winnings...

It took a few weeks for my luck to improve but during that time I put my losses to great use (just like the strategy guides said). I got myself sorted out and decided I'd find a genuine girl who cared about me more than my lottery prowess.

In time I started on another winning streak and I banked a good part of every win, she didn't mind at all because she was with me for the long haul. Now we live happily together and stay within our means - a nice life with a great girl is always better than a fake girl and a short spending spree.