Online Scratch Card Games Explode in Popularity

Scratch cards haven't always been well represented in the online gaming scene, as other game types were snapped up more quickly online, such as online bingo. Scratchcard games were invented in 1974, by John Koza and Daniel Bower, and were first offered by the Massachusetts Lottery in the United States. Instant scratch cards did not get introduced to the UK lottery until 1995.

Physical scratchcards were not completely instant for winnings, if you were lucky enough to get a big payoff. The waiting period could vary, but it was certainly well beyond what one would consider instant. Once scratchcard games were developed for online play, that instant win moniker became completely accurate.

Online scratch card games have several variations, but the basic game play and controls are the same from game to game. You adjust your wager, if the site allows it, and begin scratching off the rows on the card. Many online scratch card games are focused around the match three concept, where you attempt to match three identical symbols to win the prize associated with that symbol. You use your mouse to scratch off each cell, or you can choose the scratch all function. Here's where the real advantage of scratch card games online comes in. If you win a prize, it is automatically added to your account. You don't have to wait over time, and you don't even have to go to the store to redeem your winning ticket. You get your money right then and there, which is a prospect that allures many.

Online scratch card games can be found on most online gaming sites, either in its own category or as the main game offering. The simplistic game play and straightforward design parameters make it easy for developers to create online scratch card games, resulting in a large variety from scratch games based on sports to games based around licensed properties, such as movies and comics.

NeoGames is a large developer of online scratchcard games, and while the company is only six years old, they have already sold over 1 billion average scratchcards. The average games sold per month is about 120 million, as of February 2011. NeoGames services the online gaming industry world wide, with clients such as the National Lotteries using the platform. Chances are, if you've played a scratchcard game online, you're probably playing a NeoGames card. Another reason the NeoGames games are so popular is because the company's games are certified by McAfee as secure. McAfee, known for its antivirus products and security software, runs over 10,000 vulnerability tests before declaring a site or product secure. NeoGames releases several games a month and continues to establish partnerships with large and small clients internationally.