What can we Expect from Online Scratch Cards in the Future?

When it comes to trying to predict the goods that we could see in the future from online scratch card sites, we have to look at the current trends.

Better Designs

There was a time when online scratchies simply took upon the look of paper based cards, and though these are still readily available for retro gamers at the best sites, the designs are simply getting better and better. Not only are the greatest scratchy sites now offering 3D scratchies – detailed below – but they are also putting more and more effort into making the scratch games every bit as impressive as slot games. A great example of this is Playtech, who have recently applied the designs of their top-spinning slots (Marvel Comic slots) to scratchies, making for sleek, intricate and very impressive games.

Higher Jackpots

With the majority of scratch cards offering the likes of £200k and sometimes more, it is hard to believe that the jackpots could get any higher, but they will! Inflation works both ways, folks – it could also benefit us! In the past we have seen scratchies offering multi-millions, and though these are generally released as seasonal specials, all the new online scratch cards are boasting bigger and better jackpots – this is likely to continue in the future.

Multiplayers Cards and Tournaments

At present, the idea of a multi-player scratch card game is unheard of, but with more and more casino games being offered in multi-play, we know it is only a matter of time before this trend hits the scratchcards. Even selected slots are now offered as multi-player games at Microgaming, so we know that it can be done! Tournaments are another big thing within the whole online gaming world. Before we saw just Blackjack or Poker tourneys and now there are Slots tourneys and Bingo tourneys, so this is likely to hit the world of scratchies soon, too. Brand new sites are coming equipped with tournaments nowadays, and this is another trend set to continue.

3D Scratch Cards

This is the most amazing new trend we have seen in regards to online scratch cards, and with brand new scratchy site Play Million offering incredibly designed 3D scratchies powered by SkillOnNet, we are hoping that we will start to see other software providers creating incredible 3D scratch games.

Mobile Scratchies

Not only are the biggest and best online scratch card sites starting to develop their software for mobile gaming, we are also increasingly being treated to sites that have been specifically designed for mobile and tablet use. This doesn’t just mean that there are more bonuses and jackpots knocking about – it also means that there is a constant stream of brand new games in development! THIS is certainly something that we want to – and most likely WILL – see in the future.

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