Scratch Cards Online Are So Much Better Than Lottery Tickets

I have always been a big lottery player, even if I've gone a long time in between wins. Statistically I knew that I probably wouldn't win all that often, but the hope at being able to get a big payoff just by spending a few euros was enough for me. Then I discovered online scratchcards and my hobby changed quickly. With Scratchies I can win at least once every few games and the prizes are still big enough to get my heart pounding with excitement!

The first thing I noticed is how nice it was to be able to invest just a little, or a lot on each card. If I was feeling particularly lucky about a card, I could take the stake all the way to the maximum. If I wasn't sure about a card, I could take the stake down to a minimum. I liked that the total payout for the game changed based on how much I was willing to wager, and even on the lower end the winnings were still great.

I don't really have a particular method that I use to pick the games that I play online. Sometimes I'll go with a particular theme, like playing every football scratchcard I can find. Other times I just want to try out the virtual slots for a change of pace, or one of the scratchcard games that have a different style or play or a bonus round set up.

The first thing that really drew me to online games like the scratchcards is the whole fact that I never have to deal with a queue again. The lottery is something that I do primarily for the hope and the fun, and having to deal with a line just to get my cards was not particularly fun at all. The other thing is that I get to enjoy my winnings immediately with the instant win games. I don't have to deal with a claims process or anything of the sort. So for me it's just so much more convenient to play online and as a matter of fact I think I'm going to sign on to start a play session right now!