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If you are new to scratch card gaming there is no reason to feel awkward or intimidated. Every pro player started off as a new player at some point in their scratch card career! Our Scratch Guide is an evolving set of tips, tricks and carefully constructed methods that can be put to use by beginners, intermediates and even the very best pro players on the scratch card circuit. Be sure to read carefully, bookmark and check back often for all the newest angles, best ideas and winning formulas that are often the difference between walking away a loser or staying in the game to win another major jackpot!

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When it comes to trying to predict the goods that we could see in the future from online scratch card sites, we have to look at the current trends.

Is it legal to gamble online for real money? The short answer is “yes” but there are a few things to keep in mind before you run off and just sign up to gamble at the first website that you come across. When you gamble online for real money, you need to know that there are regulations surrounding online gambling and you should check out the reputation of any website where you want to game. Knowing these is important to protecting yourself.

As the growth of online scratch card gaming continues to expand rapidly, an increasingly large number of software studios, game designers and scratch card producers are becoming involved in the 'behind the scenes' aspects of your gaming experience. is the only gaming review site that takes the extra step to identify and examine the software providers that are used by each scratch card publisher.

Some people are mistaken about the security and legality of scratch card gaming because they have read rumors or heard third-hand stories that frankly aren't true. As things presently stand, scratch card gaming online is 100% completely legal (except in the United States), and there is widespread belief that while gaming is not yet available in the States, it will spread their soon as well.

One thing new players usually forget to think about when they are staring out is the decision to use their real name or a pseudonym while gaming. Some go with their first name only like Rachel, or a last initial like Rachel L., but many follow the online gaming tradition of using a 'screen name' like Relentless instead.

Online scratchcard games and online gaming sites that offer scratch cards have started offering a variety of incentives to get consumers to sign up with their specific sites. The most common incentive that you'll find are various cash incentives to sign up for an account.

The online scratchcard game world is filled with many different types of games and gaming systems, providing consumers with an almost dizzying array of scratch cards to choose from. While this variety is represented in physical scratchcard games, the accessibility of the online versions of this classic lottery game give developers a freer reign with game types and themes that might not be as popular with the scratch card market.

You'll have a hard time looking around online gaming sites and not seeing at least one scratch card game being offered. Scratch card games are affordable, fun and popular at the stores, and that fun translates through perfectly to a online version, with a few extra features that you'll never see with the physical cards.

Online scratch card games are big business, with sales of about 120 million cards per month for one of the largest online scratchcard developers. Online scratch card games took a bit longer to catch on than other online lottery types, but once they did start getting spread they caught on fast.

Scratch cards haven't always been well represented in the online gaming scene, as other game types were snapped up more quickly online, such as online bingo. Scratchcard games were invented in 1974, by John Koza and Daniel Bower, and were first offered by the Massachusetts Lottery in the United States. Instant scratch cards did not get introduced to the UK lottery until 1995.