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If you are new to scratch card gaming there is no reason to feel awkward or intimidated. Every pro player started off as a new player at some point in their scratch card career! Our Scratch Guide is an evolving set of tips, tricks and carefully constructed methods that can be put to use by beginners, intermediates and even the very best pro players on the scratch card circuit. Be sure to read carefully, bookmark and check back often for all the newest angles, best ideas and winning formulas that are often the difference between walking away a loser or staying in the game to win another major jackpot!

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If you are amazed by the variety, creativity and quality of all the new scratch card games that are launched online each week, you may have wondered where they all come from and who is turning out so many award winning titles. There are several different studios producing scratch card games, but one stands above them all as the leader in original online games,

"We have been tracking internet trends and looking for meaningful statistical data since all the way back in the Netscape days" said Devon Berkshire of LMP Analytics. "Our private portfolio of investment groups is always looking for fertile new areas to expand into and nothing has caught our attention like the recent spike in popularity of Online Scratch Card gaming."

Many players think that if they could just win a big lottery jackpot or score a lucky streak of online scratch card wins, all their problems would immediately be solved. While the huge payouts definitely would help in a lot of ways, past mega-winners and professional players are aware that the first step to reaching comfortable wealth comes from preparing to be a winner

Scratch cards have been the main game of many for several years and while you may be new to the world of scratch card gaming, that doesn't mean you have to learn every lesson the hard way. Here is some helpful advice from the many friendly expert gamers who visit every day for all their gaming wishes: