Setting Play Times Keeps The Fun Coming

I've been working in a low paying job for a long time, and while I didn't have any illusions about getting rich all of a sudden playing scratchies, I did want to try and make a good living at it so I could dump my day job eventually. I spent a lot of time talking to friends about whether they've had much luck in the online game scene, and the stories that I heard certainly got me excited to try it out.

I think the thing that most excited me was the fact that I really didn't have to invest a lot of time on it. A couple of hours a night was enough for me to work on my system and find out what worked for me when it came to online scratchcards. I always set aside a specific amount of time in a day to work on it, and made sure that I would limit myself to that time only. I could go over by a little bit, but I wanted this to stay fun to me. If I tried to go at it all day I think I would wear myself and my luck out too quickly.

It took some time to get established in my routine, before I really got into a rhythm that had me winning enough to make a living at the scratchcards. I did keep my job just because I like the security of having the work if I don't happen to hit a winning streak with my cards, but to be honest the majority of my income is coming from the online gaming. I've paid off my debts and I'm taking the time to enjoy life more, starting with making the most out of my vacation time on a holiday with my girls next week!