Betsson Scratch

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Betsson Scratch prides itself on the exciting game themes they offer. Unlike other scratch card game sites, Betsson is always adding new themes and styles for their card collections and expanding the fun of scratch card play into a variety of genres that cover every player in one way or another.


Games and Playability

Sports Scratch, Fantasy Scratch, Casino Scratch, Slots Scratch and more are ready right now with no games added each week and every game is presented in amazing video quality. What makes these games special is they have all the excitement of standard casino games combined with the award winning beauty and replayability that comes from working with a talented staff of artists, video game designers and world class game theory experts. As soon as you sign in and see the games Betsson Scratch offers you'll notice the difference immediately as compared to other sites. has made arrangements for all of our players to also receive 2 cards free just for checking out the Betsson Scratch site and giving them a chance to earn your attention! That's a big boost in value and gives you two free chances to win their main 1 million euro jackpot without any risk at all!

The payouts at Betsson Scratch are often higher than on other sites as well. That may result in fewer wins per hour played but with the wins adding up to more dollars, the winning percentage becomes much less important. As any good scratch player knows (and is fully explained by our scratch card player's guide) what matters most is the amount you win per hour, not the number of wins or the kind of wins. Playing games like 3Wow with megaprizes like 3 million GBP gives you a chance to earn a truly life- changing amount with just a few moments of your scratch play time.

Betsson Scratch is also an excellent place for scratch card beginners to get started. They offer instant support via live chat and cater to a clientele that includes many first time players, so their staff is well-versed in the kinds of questions that new players often ask. That takes a lot of the awkwardness out of gaming, because you know you have intelligent people available to you any time for the purpose of explaining game rules, discussing payout options or clearing up any confusion you may feel as you embark on your new exciting scratch card gaming career.

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